Lede-ing the Way

Lede is a media research and consulting firm that specializes “lede-ing” traditional media organizations into profitability online.  As scholars and former practitioners, we understand practical and theoretical reasons behind what makes consumers tick and firms viably profitable within the  growing Social Web.  We merge empirical industry and academic research with competitive market structures and tendencies to help build paths to online and mobile success for media organizations.

Latest News

  • Knight News Challenge (December 1, 2010): Lede is applying for a Knight News Challenge grant that would help test our proposed “Modified News Micropayment Model” in a real world setting.  The Knight News Challenge is a contest funded by the Knight Foundation, one of the nation’s largest funders of journalism research, and focuses on funding innovative projects involving news and social media.  Obviously, we feel the proposed newspaper-social media business model is a perfect fit for the Knight News Challenge.  Let;s hope the judges agree!
  • Princeton & The FCC  (November 23, 2010): Lede was asked to contribute to a project that could potentially dramatically alter the media landscape.  A group from Princeton working one a future of the news industry report to be presented to the FCC early next year interviewed Lede regarding the 4M, micropayments, and online and mobile news in general.  This report will make suggestions about necessary policy changes going forward.  Such changes are much needed and Lede was excited to be able to contribute.
  • More International Interest in the 4M (October 3, 2010): Lede has been contacted by a company in the Netherlands proposing a collaboration with Lede.

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