Jameson L. Hayes | Co-founder

With experience and expertise in the areas of media, marketing, and management, Jameson became an advertising and media management and economics scholar with the goal of pursuing research that can directly benefit industry and practitioners.  Jameson worked in radio and television production for 6 years.  After 5 years of management, he moved into marketing management and research working on a multi-national account at Snowden-Tatarski in Athens, Georgia.  As a consultant,  Jameson has worked with multiple newspaper chains as well as with Turner Broadcasting and co-founded Lede with Geoffrey in 2009.

Geoffrey M. Graybeal | Co-founder After a decade working in newspapers as a reporter and editor for online and print, Geoffrey turned his focus to the business side.  He is a media management and economics scholar who aims to produce research with both practical and academic relevance.  His research  focuses on online and mobile media strategy, including youth and news, social  media, new business models, micropayments, marketing,  and entrepreneurship.  He is active in social media and digital media.  As a consultant, Geoffrey has worked with newspaper chains and Turner Broadcasting and co-founded Lede in 2009 with Jameson.

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